Table of Contents

Seat of Arbitration and Indian Arbitration Law 1
Dr. Loukas Mistelis
Memoirs of a Personal Journey through Indian Arbitration Law 14
Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi
Indian Arbitration Law: Legislating for Utopia 28
Armaan Patkar
Arbitrability of Competition Law Disputes in India 69
Tanya Choudhary
On the Maintainability of Review Against a Section 11 Order 87
Harshad Pathak
Dispute Resolution in Africa for Indian Investors: An Overview of Civil-Law OHADA Jurisdictions 118
Delphine Constantin
Blessed Unions in Arbitration: An Introduction to Joinder and Consolidation in Institutional Arbitration 134
Arjun Gupta, Sahil Kanuga & Vyapak Desai