The Indian Journal of Arbitration Law (IJAL) strives to combine theoretical aspects of arbitration with their practical relevance. This is achieved by including contributions from individuals with varied expertise in arbitration, whilst giving due importance to the work of academicians and students, who contribute innovative academic research. The journal endeavours to cover a wide range of contemporary issues in the field of arbitration. While the “Indian” in the name of the journal indicates the source of publication, the journal itself has consistently focussed on topics of global interest and relevance. The journal has also had theme-specific issues in the past, to explore the developments in a particular areas in depth. The editorial board strives to achieve scholarly excellence with the aid of an eminent board of advisers and a patronizing institution, known for its academic excellence. To promote free dissemination of knowledge and empowerment, the journal follows an open-access policy. At the same time, IJAL is also available on online legal databases including Kluwer Arbitration, HeinOnline, Westlaw and SCC Online.