Dr. Anand Kumar Singh is currently serving at the post of Assistant Professor (Law) and has an academic experience of more than 8 years (since 2015). He administers the following subjects to the Undergraduate and Post-Graduate students:

  1. Competition Law
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Laws of Banking and Finance

Before pursuing a career in academics, he worked in law firms and practiced law before High Court of Delhi and Tribunals for a brief period of two years.

Following are some notable achievements:

  • Submitted Competition Assessment Report on “Regulatory Framework of E-Commerce Rules in India” to the Competition Commission of India in 2021.
  • Submitted Competition Assessment Report on “The Rajasthan Transparency in Public Procurement Act, 2012” in 2020 to the Competition Commission of India.
  • Awarded Research Fellowship and Sponsorship by National Foundation of Corporate Governance (NFCG), Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt. of India), for an empirical research on “Role of Proxy Advisors in Efficient and Effective Governance of Indian Corporations: Promoting Shareholder Activism or Increasing Dependency for Informed Decision Making” (2022).
  • Holds the membership of prestigious “Network of Indian Competition Experts” (NICE) Group constituted under the aegis of Competition Commission of India.
  • Inducted in the “Emerging Scholar Group” of INSOL, India (2023).

Dr. Anand Kumar Singh supervises the research work of Research Centers and publications of the Journals at NLU Jodhpur:

  • Executive Director, Centre for Competition Law and Policy
  • Executive Director, Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance
  • Executive Director, Centre for Insolvency and Bankruptcy Studies
  • Member, Centre for Corporate Governance
  • Chief Editor, Scholasticus (ISSN: 0975-1157)
  • Chief Editor, Indian Competition Law Review (ICLR)
  • Editor, Journal on Corporate Law and Governance

Dr. Anand Kumar Singh has also discharged several administrative responsibilities like:

  • Chairman, University Mess Committee
  • Member, Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQACC), NLU Jodhpur
  • Coordinator, UGC- SWAYAM Cell


Chapters in Books 

  1. Anand Kumar Singh, Changing Contours of Anti-Trust Laws in Developing Asian Economies: A Case Study of Pakistan and Sri LankainContemporary Developments in International Law: Some Random Reflections 159 (Dr Ashish Kumar ed., Satyam Law International 2017)
  2. Anand Kumar Singh, Mediation of Company Matters in IndiainMediation 141 (Prof V.K Ahuja ed., Satyam Law International 2020)
  3. Anand Kumar Singh, Leniency Regulations and Anti-Cartel Enforcement: A CritiqueinLex Et Societatis: Contemporary Legal Issues 138, XXXX (Galgotia University 2018)
  4. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Exploring the Interface between Corporate Governance and Corporate Restructuring: A Quest for Value CreationinCorporate Governance: Emerging Dimensions 44, (Thomson Reuters 2022)
  5. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Understanding the interface between Anti-Dumping and Competition Law in IndiainInternational Law: Contemporary Developments (Essays in the honour of Prof. A.K. Koul) 137, XXXX (Satyam Law International 2021)

Articles in Journals

  1. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Personal Guarantor: A Hidden travesty in the IBC regime, XIV Indian Law Review NLIU Bhopal 268 (2022)
  2. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Arbitrability of Financial Disputes under IBC 2016, XXII Corporate And Regulatory E-Bulletin ASSOCHAM 44 (2023)
  3. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Mediation under Companies Act 2013: Convergence of Business Interest and Right to Speedy Justice, IX Noida International University Journal of Human Rights 69(2022)
  4. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, A Study on the Interface of Human Rights and Banking Institutions, IX Noida International University Journal of Human Rights 42(2022)
  5. Dr. Anand Kumar Singh, Examining the Effect of Export Restrictions on Medical Products under WTO during Covid-19 Pandemic, 1 Qubahan Academic Journal 10 (2021), https://doi.org/10.48161/qaj.v1n3a71
  6. Anand Kumar Singh, Arbitrability Of Disputes In India: The Changing Landscape Of ‘Exclusive Jurisdiction’ Discourse, VII NLUJ Law Review 73 (2020)
  7. Anand Kumar Singh, Interface of IPR with Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge, II NUALS Intellectual Property Law Review 55 (2020)
  8. Anand Kumar Singh, Economically Weaker Section (EWS) Reservation and Idea of Distributive Justice in India, V HNLU Journal of Law and Social Sciences 120 (2019)
  9. Anand Kumar Singh, Price Discrimination under Indian Competition Law, I MATS University Law Journal (2016)

Email id:  aksingh@nlujodhpur.ac.in

Areas of Interest: Corporate Laws/Competition Law/Insolvency Laws/Banking Laws